The Pomodoro revision technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. This method split up the usage of time into intervals for 25 minutes of applied work, and then 5 minutes set for a break to split up the work. Each interval is known as a pomodoro.

The pomodoro technique can be used for any task and is my go to for any of my studies/ any form of studying. I use it for creating notes, I use it for reading some research, I use it for these blog posts. I even use it for creating videos on YouTube. I feel that the splitting up of concentrated work really helps me focus on the task. Then once my concentrated studying has finished, I am rewarded with a 5 minute break. I typically like to write down ideas for blog posts or an idea for a video on my YT channel. This short break also makes me reflect on all the work I had done in the 25 minutes and this lets me take a look at my work from a reader’s perspective and it is refreshing to see everything I had achieved in that 25 minutes. This step back is also a good motivator as I become more confident in my ability to focus and in turn, focus more in the following 25 minutes, creating a multiplier effect in focus.

As I like to look at stats on almost anything I can i.e. game stats, the specific character stats and my performance. I also like to see my stats on my studying. Using the app Clearfocus as my pomodoro timer, I can set the task name for my work and then it will save the time studying and display a graph in their ‘Statistics’ page. Other noteworthy apps would be forest that will show off your studying in a garden in which you have grown your own trees by following through with your pomodoro timers. Additionally, pomodoro timer would be another app, just typing pomodoro into the app store would find you many timers.

Once I started using my pomodoro timers properly, I felt this newfound tank of focus I can almost tap into. Focus is a very strange thing,  it varies between people and what I like to think focus as is a finite tank that you must tap into to drain and use. As a result, you can run out of focus and thus, be unable to sufficiently do any task you desire to do with an empty tank. Using this pomodoro technique, it felt like I had much more focus to tap into and I was focusing more efficiently. Therefore getting more done than I ever have before.

If you are a struggling student, I highly recommend you try and use the pomodoro technique to maximise your efficiency when focussing on tasks. Especially long winded tasks such as essays and research. And if you are already using the pomodoro technique, Godspeed you beautiful human.

Edit: Well, I took this from my blogger blog which was uploaded on the 19th of February and Thomas Frank has uploaded a brilliant video on the 20th so check that out here .
As a result, here is something I had missed when discussing the technique, note down any distractions that arise when studying to reinforce you are in a time of deep focus on studying and prevents you forgetting something you was interested in.


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