You are allowed to RELAX

As for many of you readers, it is the start of our week off for half-term. Take some time to reward yourself for surviving this far in to school, it’ll prove to be worth it soon. Once finished throwing your fist to the sky in your room by yourself, we can discuss the importance of relaxing and taking some me time to have fun when being a student.

Done? Awesome.

Yes that’ right, you are allowed to enjoy yourself while being a student, shocker. I joke yet this time is probably one of the most important things for you while strolling through the life of a student. This time prevents you from just being a work zombie, someone who mindlessly walks about mumbling to them self “…graddeess” like a lifeless corpse fuelled solely through the goal of achieving that A in gnawing on brains. I mean in Politics. Giving yourself time to enjoy a hobby or people makes you grow as a human being, you may learn about a new passion of yours that takes your mind off of the pressure of school and instead makes your personality glow in a light that catalyses the confidence and educates you more about yourself. 

Once you begin to understand your passions and maybe ideas for projects such as blogging (like me), you introduce a reward mechanism of something Thomas Frank calls High-Density fun. In his book ’10 STEPS TO EARNING AWESOME GRADES (while studying less’ he refers to fun such as gaming, reading and socialising etc as high-density fun, while other activities such as YouTube, Facebook and Reddit are activities supplying low-density fun. Low-density fun is an activity that will switch off your brain and you’ll look at your screen and on occasion smirk, these sites are often made in a way that will suck you in on a streak. You see those comments on YouTube where Terry420 says “Well I’m on the weird side of YouTube again”. This is first hand proof of how YouTube can just suck you in and in turn, wastes your time because in reality, your not having as much fun as you think. Where as high-density fun is something you are going to enjoy more and keep your mind a little more active than low-density fun. Yes when you have fun you may want to just turn off, but being “switched on” does not mean thinking about work. It just means actively thinking and preventing yourself getting in the mindset for procrastination through low-density fun. Back to the point, once discovering your passion/ favourite activities to do. It is a chance to reward yourself for doing sufficient studying and or, if it is an activity like blogging, you can have a lil’ smidgen of fun during your pomodoro revision. 

Rewarding yourself with some relaxation is probably one of the easiest ways to motivate yourself. However, it should not be your go to. You will begin to relate your passion with the your school work. You should only use this method when you have run out of your own motivation in your daily tank

As mentioned previously, you probably have a week off of school. For those who’s in their last year of College, I would take this week as your last week of literally being able to do nothing and get away with it; assuming you have done all the work so far up to the standard you desired. For those who have not, well you may need to sacrifice some relaxation time as you may not reach where you want to be in the future, YIKES. Also, for you unlucky sods who have coursework, I suggest you make a timetable to schedule some free time at home to take on your coursework. But back to those who feel like they are doing alright, you now have the opportunity to enjoy your passions and hobbies and not feel guilty. Overall, this will make sure you have motivation for the oncoming weeks that you NEED to get through the preparation and execution of your exams.

If you take away one from this post let this be it, you should allow yourself some high-density fun. This will keep you from losing your mind all throughout school, and you should prevent losing your mind.


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